We deliver digital solutions to the tunnel and construction industry in Norway and Sweden

We are the market leader in safety solutions for the tunnel industry, where we supply electronic crew lists, tracking of personnel and machines, fire alarm equipment, 4G / WiFi coverage, radios (UHF / Push-to-Talk) and ventilation control.

In recent years, we have developed solutions that take care of construction machinery and those who use them in everyday life. We streamline everyday life by extracting data from the machine park and making available what provides value to our customers through our API.

Our customer list consists of large and well-known brands such as AF Gruppen, Hæhre Entreprenører, Implenia, Veidekke, NCC and we deliver our services to both Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

Our core competence is in the Internet of Things (IoT) and we develop effective solutions that contribute to increased focus on health, environment and safety.

Our vision

Lead our world into the digital age

Our world consists of customers, partners and forums that have the focus, will and ability to take part in the green and digital shift. Our role is to show our world why and how to utilize present and future technology to create sustainable values ​​for our customers and the world we live in.

Our mission

We develop and sell smart solutions to customers who want a sustainable, efficient and safe workplace

We optimize the interaction between humans, software and hardware through user-friendly applications. We organize big data and make available what provides value for our customers to make the right decisions for the company, employees and the environment.

Our values

Job satisfaction - Precision - Respect

Our management group

Magnus G. Aglen

Chief Executive Officer

+47 930 87 031

Hilde Marvik

Chief Operating Officer

+47 404 00 045

Anders Gilje

Sales and Delivery Manager, Tunnel

+47 905 16 963

Annikken Bergem Nygaard

Commercial manager 

+47 926 43 314