We optimize the interaction between humans, software and hardware through user-friendly applications.
We organize big data and make available what provides value for our customers to make the right decisions for the company, employees and the environment.
Våre løsninger er utviklet på vår egen teknologiplattform, Effera Insight.

Machine solutions

Full control over machines and equipment for efficient management and maintenance when needed.

Contractors are dependent on machines and equipment on a construction site being operational around the clock. Our solutions provide full control over maintenance tasks to avoid unnecessary downtime, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Driver verification

Machine operator verification contributes to preventing accidents on the constructions site. The solution verifies the machine operator's competence and the condition of the machinery prior to putting the machinery to use.


Get full control of the machine park and take action when necessary.
Provide qualified personnel tasks directly on the mobile, and get a full overview of history, deviations and status.

Tunnel solutions

Full overview of personnel and machines that are in a tunnel or on a construction site

Our solutions use tracking technology for a full overview of the location of both crew, machines and equipment, all you need is a tracking chip or a smartphone. This contributes to a more efficient working day and at the same time an invaluable tool in an emergency situation.

Our solution generates electronic crew lists that simplify required reporting and meet regulatory requirements.

Crew list

Complete solution for crew registration in tunnels and on construction sites.

Tunnel ventilation

Full control of the fan speed and full control over power costs. Provides reduced electricity costs and a better environment for both employees and the environment.

Motorola WAVE

Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency with a push to talk over cellular service that has no boundaries.


The old radio has gone digital. This opens the door to several new opportunities.

Technology Platform

Effera Insight

Effera Insight is an open platform, built on industry standards, that communicates with other applications and makes it easy to share data.