Solutions for the machine park

Full control over machines and equipment for efficient management and maintenance when needed.

Contractors are dependent on machines and equipment on a construction site being operational around the clock. Our solutions provide full control over maintenance tasks to avoid unnecessary downtime, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Driver verification

Fully automated solution for driver verification, alcohol testing and training modules for the fleet.


Automation of maintenance based on operating hours, mileage or time interval.

Fleet overview

Total oversikt for din maskin og utstyr flåte i ett enkelt grensesnitt.

Solutions for the tunnel industry

Full overview of personnel and machines that are in a tunnel or on a construction site

Our smart solutions use tracking technology for a full overview of the location of both crew, machines and equipment. All you need is a tracking chip or a smartphone. This contributes to a more efficient working life at the same time as an invaluable tool in an emergency.

Our solution generates electronic crew lists that simplify required reporting and meet regulatory requirements.

Crew list

Full overview of people who are or have been inside the construction area and who are inside the tunnel.

Tunnel ventilation

Get full control of fan speed and full control of electricity costs. Good for the economy, good for the employees and good for the environment.

Communication solutions

Communication solutions play an important role for collaboration, safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Push-to-talk (PTT) and digital radio are highly demanded solutions for communication. PTT provides instant two-way communication, similar to a walkie-talkie, while digital radio ensures clear speech even in noisy environments or areas with poor coverage. We can also offer a wide range of additional equipment to optimize these solutions.


Push-to-talk (PTT) is an instant communication solution that provides fast and practical two-way communication at the push of a button.

Digital radio

Digital radio, especially UHF (Ultra High Frequency), provides clear and reliable voice communication even in demanding environments with noise or limited coverage.

Technology Platform

Effera Insight

Effera Insight is an open platform, built on industry standards, that communicates with other applications and makes it easy to share data.