Fleet overview

Fleet overview gives you a total overview of your machine, equipment and fleet in a single interface. We collect data from the various manufacturers in your fleet, which ensures easy access to machine data across manufacturers. Geofence functionality ensures that you always have control over which machines and equipment are located on your projects.

What do we solve?
Location of equipment divided by project or department
Automatic fleet update
Geofence – Processes are automated in connection with arrival and departure
Notification – visualization of machine status in map
Reduced transport costs
Fleet optimization
Increased uptime
Easier to plan projects ahead of time
Reduced credit based on wrong return date (rental)

Slik bruker du Flåteoversikt

The intuitive interface for Fleet Overview displays the information you choose to ensure efficient operation and availability of the equipment fleet.

Location overview

Location overview

Provides a simple overview of where the machines are located. Status notifications on critical data, such as annual checks on machines, are shown directly in the map. This means that you can easily tackle the tasks that will help ensure operation and availability for the fleet.

Project or resource view

Choose whether you want to see your resources distributed among your projects or see all resources with their location directly on the map.

It is also easy to see the actual location of the machines located on a selected project.

Project view
The detail card

The detail card

The detail card shows a snapshot of the machine's condition and necessary information about other important details.

Operator and competence

If Effera's solution for driver verification is used, you will be able to see information about the last operator of the selected machine, as well as the status of the driver's competence.

Service and control

Shows the status of the annual inspection of the machine, when it was last carried out and the date of the next inspection.

If Effera's solution for machine maintenance is used, you will receive information about the next service and the number of operating hours until it is to be carried out.


Here you will find shortcuts to documentation that is important to have easy access to. This includes, among others, the user manual, product description, declaration of conformity and more.

Latest events

Gir deg enkelt oversikt over de siste hendelsene for maskinen, som en del av maskinens historikk og livssyklus.


By creating geofence areas around the projects, the system will automatically keep track of arrivals and departures for machines on each project. This ensures a smooth flow when the machines move between different projects.



Effera's innovative solution is based on specially developed hardware that is tailored to meet the strict requirements for performance in demanding environments. Whether underground or above ground, the hardware is designed to deliver optimal performance. Effera operates in an industry that is constantly moving towards the future, and we are proud to be able to offer the latest technology to be able to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

eAccess MachineController GEN2

Robust hardware built for the future. It has integrated support for IoT edge functionality. This makes it possible to run work operations such as AI or own business logic locally on the individual unit. Integrated support for connection to the CAN bus on the machine to retrieve telemetry, as well as connection to the machine via available inputs and outputs, and serial interface.

GPS Tracking
Retrieval of telemetry from machine in areas without internet connection
Ignition control for driver verification
Digital outputs *
Digital and analog inputs *
Serial communication RS-232/485 *


Hardware adapted to smaller machines and equipment. Provides the option of retrieving telemetry over the CAN bus via an adapter, and connection to the machine via available inputs and outputs.

GPS Tracking
Ignition control for driver verification
Digital outputs *

* Access to interface depending on whether Immobilizer functionality is used or not.

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