Driver verification

Fully automated solution for driver verification, alcohol testing and training modules for the fleet.

Driver verification

Fully automated solution for driver verification, alcohol testing and training modules for the fleet

What do we solve?
Ensure competence as a machine operator
Prevents incorrect use of the machine through training
Ensures a central overview of expertise and machinery
Possibility to connect the ignition control in the machine
Simplify the training process
Training always Up-To-Date
More correct use of machines, increased utilization of machines
Simplifies documentation for the client
Premiering via builder's contract
Prevents serious accidents

The central register for machinery and competence

The solution has a two-way communication with the Central Register of Machinery and Competence, for obtaining safety requirements for both operator and machine.

The competence register verifies the operator’s certified safety training and equipment-specific training and is updated automatically when the operator carries out equipment-specific training in the machine. The machine register verifies the status of inspection by an enterprise of competence and the date of the next inspection.

Incident notification

The solution ensures automated email notification to selected individuals if defined incidents occur such as:

The submission of a non-approved alcohol test.
A notification of non-approved annual inspection of a machine.
Emergency start is activated on a machine.

Offline functionality

The solution will be fully operational and fully automated in areas without an internet connection.

The machine operator can identify himself/herself and receive verification in order to start the machine, regardless of internet connection.
The machine operator can complete missing equipmentspecific training directly in the machine, regardless of internet connection.

Solution in use

Smooth process for machine operators

Simple and intuitive process for identification and verification.
The user interface offers simple and easy-to-understand feedback to the machine operator during the process.

Start the Effera Insight app on your mobile phone

Perform breath test on the breathalyzer device

Perform verification in the Insight app

The machine can be started when the app shows an approved result of the verification

The Insight app

A digital assistant that informs the machine operator throughout the verification process. The app is available in Norwegian and English.

Competence screen

Overview of own competence

The machine operator receives a simple overview of own certified safety training and for what machinery equipment-specific training has been completed.

Complete equipment-specific training

The user can complete equipment-specific training for a selected machine model if needed.

The training can be completed on PC/Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

View training materials
2. Answer questions
3. View results of training
Start training

Training in machine

In case of missing equipment-specific training, the machine operator will have the opportunity to complete training directly in the machine.

Machine installation

Control unit

The control unit is installed in the machine and links all accompanying units.

Use the Insight application to configure in what machine the unit are installed.

GPS location

The control unit is equipped with a GPS that continuously reports the location of the machine when in use. Geofence can automate check-in and check-out of the construction site by using the GPS location.