Digital radio

The old radio has gone digital. This opens the door to several new opportunities.


Pre-assembled set-up in robust housing for efficient installation.

We supply base stations that guarantee you good quality for your radio solution.


The base station is built in our own robust housing.


If needed, you can connect multiple base stations to a single network.

Uninterruptible power supply

The base station has its own battery pack that keeps the base station active for up to 4 hours in case of power failure.

Radio handset

Digital radio from Motorola combines the best of two-way radio and digital technology.

Increased capacity, integrated software applications, unique voice quality and extended battery life are some of the advantages.


The solution is scalable and the digital radios work with analogue devices, allowing you to go digital at your own pace.


The radio has 16 channels, two programmable buttons and is built to withstand water and dust.

Recommended supplementary equipment

Our portfolio of recommended supplementary equipment optimises the performance of your MOTOTRBO- radio and improves the efficiency of your workday.


Få mest mulig ut av hvert batteri og eliminere overraskelsen fra «varsler om lite batteri» med IMPRES-ladere.

1 and 6 ports

We have both single and multiport chargers available to ensure that your radios are ready for use when needed.

Carrying Case

The carrying case is designed to fit the digital radio and battery and at the same time ensure that sound is heard clearly and distinctly

Stay hands free

The carrying case is designed to keep your radio protected and your hands free, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

External Speaker Microphone

Ensures clear communication even in areas with heavy machinery noise or wind.

Noise Reduction

IMPRES and INC RSM functions ensure that your voice is clear regardless of how you are speaking into the microphone or surrounding noise.