Get full control of fan speed and full control of electricity costs. Good for the economy, good for the employees and good for the environment.

Fan Control

Control of the speed of the fans installed in the facility.

Effera's solution let you control the fan speed with a key press on the mobile phone. We make the valuable information available by highlighting all fans in use, the speed at which the various fans are run and power consumption.

Useful for both the construction worker who avoids manual control, the plant manager who has an overview of the fans and the project manager who has full control over costs.

Save power and money

Get a graphic representation of the total power consumption and cost of using ventilation on the construction site. With a simple keystroke, you can adjust the fan speed in the app and achieve a significant reduction in electricity costs.

Secure communication over 4G / 3G

If needed, you can connect multiple base station to a single network.

Fan Control App

A user-friendly app developed in collaboration with our customers.

The fans are controlled remotely in the Fan Control App from a mobile phone, tablet, computer or manually from a control cabinet. Streamline the work process for ventilation control by providing access for everyone who needs to be able to control the fans.


The power meter provides an overview of the total power and cost for all fans on the construction site. The power meter can be configured with target figures to achieve the desired cost savings.

Individual fan control

The fans can be controlled and varied with 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% speed. By activating panel lock, the fan speed can be locked to a specific speed.

Damper control

The damper can be controlled and varied with 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% opening.

Fan Control cabinet

Fresh air supply is necessary when building tunnels to ensure a safe environment for the workers. By connecting Effera's cabinet to the ventilation fan, the fan will run at the correct speed adapted to today's operation.

Full control

Control the fan speed by using manual control buttons on the cabinet or use the app for remote control.

Robust and modular

Our equipment is built to withstand harsh environments. It can work alone or together with the rest of our product suite.