Effera will strengthen its commercial department

Effera is increasing its focus on the tunnel and construction industry

«We are looking for a backoffice employee who will assist the commercial department in sales work and follow-up. The main task will be to free up time for others in the organization to maintain an already high level of activity aimed at both existing and potential customers. We look forward to strengthening ourselves professionally, at the same time it is equally important that the person has a twinkle in the eye, a good mood and fits into our environment » says Arild Nesheim, sales manager at Effera.

In 2020, we have consolidated our position as a leading player in safety solutions for the tunnel industry with our niche products. These are mainly electronic crew lists, tracking of personnel and machines, fire alarm equipment, 4G / WiFi coverage, radios (UHF / Push-to-Talk) and ventilation control.

Our future is especially focused on smart solutions for the construction industry in Norway and Sweden. Increasing regulatory requirements from the authorities have meant that the industry has changed and more and more people are using digital tools. Our customers have shown both the ability and willingness to use new products to participate in the green and digital shift and are well accustomed to using technological aids in everyday work. Naturally, our customers want to use solutions that take care of machines and equipment, but most of all, their focus is on the environment and the safety of the employees. These days, we work closely with entrepreneurs who, on their own initiative, want to take a leading position in digitalisation in order to increase their competitiveness, while at the same time being a responsible and attractive workplace.

We contribute to increased focus on health, environment and safety together with our solid customer list consisting of major brands such as Hæhre Entreprenører, AF Gruppen, Implenia, Veidekke, NCC, YIT and others. We enjoy great confidence in the market, which means that the Effera family is constantly expanding, at the same time it shows that our solutions help to make tomorrow's working day better than yesterday's.

"Today, Effera consists of 21 highly competent people who live in the center of Kristiansand. Our largest department is the development department, which both develops and tests our products, and which complements other departments such as innovation, project, sales, purchasing, delivery, support and finance. We are continuously considering strengthening ourselves as a result of growth and increased activity levels, and these days we need to strengthen our commercial department. It is always extra fun to welcome new colleagues, it makes everyday life more interesting and colorful for all of us » says Even Øgrey Brandsdal, CEO of Effera.

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September 21, 2020