Illustration photo. The photo was taken by RitaE at Pixabay

Effera has entered into a contract with Italian Impresa Pizzarotti

Effera continues to grow

Euro Disney, Charles De Gaulle Airport and the church Cisa Pass, Tuscany, are just a bunch of famous constructions where Impresa Pizzarotti has played a central role. The company was established in Parma by Gino Pizzarotti and has already built up over 100 years of proud history. From their humble beginnings in 1910, they are today represented in over 20 countries with an impressive portfolio.

In Norway, they collaborate with another Italian company, Salini Impregilo. Together, they will deliver a new double track on the Vestfold line for Bane NOR between Nykirke and Barkåker, a contract with a value of as much as 3.6 billion.

The contract the Italians have signed with Bane NOR involves the construction of two bridges, three tunnels of a total of 5.3 km, and a new Skoppum station about 1.3 km southwest of today's Skoppum station. We will deliver our standard solutions under construction, including tracking of machines and personnel, WiFi coverage, geofence and digital UHF radios.

"Motivating to sign our first contract with an Italian company, especially when you know their history and the influence of famous and important buildings in Europe. We have spent a lot of time getting in position to deliver our solutions during the construction of the Vestfold line, and it is very satisfying to see that the large and international players choose Effera » says Glenn Rånå, senior salesman in Effera

Rånå and the rest of the sales department have had some busy months and it is noticeable throughout the organization. The first half of 2020 has been very eventful and there is no indication that the autumn will be any different.

"Being part of a growing company means that a lot happens, all the time. This is how we want it to be. Sales is the temperature gauge of how the market perceives our products, and with the current sales rate, I can do nothing but give kudos to the product department with us. They supply for dice roll six » says Frank Wehus, Head of Business Development at Effera.

August 5, 2020