Motorola WAVE

Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency with a push to talk over cellular service that has no boundaries.


TLK 100i Wave On Cloud
PTT-Over-Cellular Radio

Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. Manage talkgroups and subscriptions in real time. Increase coverage, connections and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

Powerful, with a slim design
Delivered with SIM-card from Motorola with coverage in the EU, Norway and Switzerland
Subscription (GMLN5543A) has to be ordered separately
3 zone channel capacity, with 8 channels each
Delivered with PS-charger, EU-plug

TLK 150 Wave On Cloud
PTT-over-mobile mobile radio

Mobile PoC device for 3G and 4G. including WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS / GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. (Supplied without mounting bracket)

Delivered with Wideband Compact Microphone (PMMN4129A)
MIMO on glass
Active GNSS-antenna (AN000359A01)
DC power cable w / fuse 3m 15A
Quick Start Guide

Evolve LTE Handheld

A rugged LTE handheld device built for enterprise and public safety The Evolve handheld LTE device combines intuitive user experience and open platform architecture with the ruggedness and reliability expected of a critical communications device. Evolve enables seamless communications across different locations and networks. 

Robust handheld LTE-unit
Built for corporate and public safety
Seamless communication across different locations and networks

Lyd tilbehør

WM500 Wireless PoC Remote Speaker

Windporting technology allows you to communicate clearly in difficult weather by eliminating the whining and howling sounds of wind blowing across your remote speaker microphone while preventing water from clogging the microphone. The result is clearer transmissions. A 3.5mm earpiece jack provides you the flexibility to receive audio communications more effectively. Designed for durability, this RSM is rated IP67 meaning it can withstand immersion for at least 30 minutes and is completely dust-tight. 

Replacement battery: HKNN4014B LiIon 1130mAh.
Replacement clip: part number 4205823V01.

3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ ProTac XPI Level Dependent Bluetooth® Headset

Helmet Attached, Yellow, MT15H7P3EWS6
Nivåavhengig omgivelseslydfunksjon. Bluetooth for sømløs tilkobling. Bluetooth Multipoint for sømløs tilkobling av opptil to eksterne enheter. Motorola Bluetooth PTT-grensesnitt når terminalen er utstyrt med HKVN4465A-lisens.

Støyreduserende bommikrofon, IP68-klassifisert
PTL (Push To Listen) for enkel aktivering av nivåavhengig omgivelseslydfunksjon.
Gul for bedre synlighet

Bluetooth heavy duty headset

Sirect keying, Level dependent, 2 devices. Silentex (Natural XPB) 2BT A Cap
Motorola bluetooth PTT interface when the terminal is fitted with HKVN4465A license. 

Helmet mount, Can connect TWO Bluetooth (radio terminal and cellular) Device.
Level dependent noise attenuation
Helmet adapter has to be selected
Comes with battery and charger



Gjør smarttelefonen om til en ptt-håndtelefon og la alle være en del av samtalen. Få hastigheten og enkelheten i Push-to-talk-kommunikasjon (PTT) med muligheten til å dele multimediainformasjon ved å trykke på en knapp.