Machine maintenance contributes to the safeguarding of your machinery. The solution offers full control and overview of machinery in order to implement measures whenever necessary.

Machine maintenance

Our solution is adapted to mobile phones and is easy to use for all, regardless of profession.

We improve the efficiency of maintenance systems for machinery by collecting data from the various machines and make the valuable data available through our API.
Mobilen blir et verktøy som minner om forestående oppgaver og hjelper med å håndtere saker som blir lagt til oppgavelisten, samtidig som all detaljert vedlikeholdshistorikk blir lagret

Operating hours or maintenance schedule

We use the same standards as the major machinery manufacturers and make valuable data available through our API.

We use the same standards as the major machinery manufacturers and make valuable data available through our API.

Visualisation of tasks

Our solution makes it quick and easy to build checklists and maintenance routines.

The solution allows for use of pictures and text to explain how the various tasks are to be performed.
Good descriptions result in less training, increased efficiency and increased likelihood of tasks being performed correctly.


Our solution prioritises safety and ensures that all deviations are handled.

The correct individual receives a task immediately when a deviation is reported. Errors uncovered during the review of a checklist can be reported, with the attachment of pictures.


Our solution stores all historical data and can be made available when needed, whether it is for the HSE manager, warranty claims, accidents or requirements of regulatory documentation.

Each task has a chronological timeline where you can track the progress of the task with an overview of individuals who have been involved in the task, and who has done what and when.


Full overview of most recent incidents, overdue tasks and reported cases.

The dashboard can easily be filtered to provide an overview of the part of the organisation that is important to the individual user, e.g. an overview of machinery associated with a project or construction site, an individual machine or all machinery from a selected manufacturer.
Easy access to details by navigating from the individual KPIs on the Dashboard down to the details for performance of the individual tasks.

Personal task list

The overview is linked to the individual user and the individual user's position/profession.

The app is fully functional offline and is easy to use and understand. Our solution also provides an overview of tasks based on your location and is especially useful for those who move between various areas and projects.


Automatic delegation of tasks results in reduced administrative costs.
Automatic storage of historical data safeguards necessary documentation.
Increased efficiency for the performance of the various tasks.
Full visibility throughout the organisation.
All errors and deviations are reported and handled efficiently.