Crew list - Tunnel

At Effera, we are working to offer everyone working on tunnel construction an easier and safer workday. If we find anything that can be automated or streamlined, we will try to do just that.

Crew list

We make the digital crew list available on PC, tablet or mobile phone for the HSE manager.

With a few clicks of a button you are able to share the crew list with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's inspector or a colleague. Our solution offers the option of setting up a separate dashboard with the details you need.

Crew list
Full overview of individuals who are or have been in the construction area, who is located inside the tunnel and, if the tunnel is divided into zones, you will also be able to view who is located in what parts of the tunnel.
Working hours
Full overview of registered working hours. Divided by individuals and company.
Easy to get started
Users register themselves the first time they swipe their HSE card in the card reader. A user is then created in the system. If you add a mobile phone number, the MySafety app can be used.

Brønnøysund Register
Ensures accurate information for registered individuals, synchronised continuously once a card is registered

Construction card register
Ensures accurate information for registered individuals, synchronised continuously once a card is registered.

Automatic transfer of check-in/out at selected construction sites to the HMSReg system.
The solution is cloud-based and users are registered only once across all projects. All data is open and accessible, which offers many possibilities:
– integration with finance system
– registration of hours
– reporting of efficiency on construction site
(hours on construction site measured against total working hours.)

RFID tracking

The location of individuals and machines is useful information and is crucial in emergency situations. It is also required by law.

RFID tracking is based on radio signals for tracking and access control of personnel and vehicles, both on and below ground. All you need is a receiver and small RFID tags with transmitters integrated in working gear and installed in machines, and you have a full overview and are ready to go.

Robust and simple
The equipment is designed for rough environments and arrives in pre-build modules, which makes it fast and easy to put to use.
Modular system
The system for RFID tracking can easily be expanded with additional modules, manual alarm points and alarm signal devices.

RFID receiver

Effera's safety cabinet is installed in the tunnel mouth. It picks up signals from the RFID tags of individuals and machines that enter and exit the tunnel. Multiple safety cabinets can be installed in order to section the tunnel and improve the precision of location specification.

RFID tags

The RFID tags are rough, small tags that can be built into a helmet or integrated into other security equipment that everyone uses. They can also be mounted on machines and equipment. The chips come with up to 10 years of battery life.

4G coverage in tunnels

Safe and stable communication via a high-speed wireless network, connected to the internet.

In collaboration with Telia, we are offering temporary 4G coverage in tunnels under construction. We have the necessary equipment in stock and can ensure coverage within four to six weeks. The solution requires available and sufficient 4G coverage on the construction site.

WLAN coverage in tunnel

Robust WLAN in prefabricated modules for fast set-up.

We establish a wireless network (WLAN) in the tunnel, allowing you to be as digital and connected as you like. 
The network can later be extended as the tunnel is expanded, so that you, from ground level, can monitor and manage computer-controlled equipment under ground.

Fire alarm

Safe solution for reporting and warning of fire in tunnels.

Our RFID tracking modules can be expanded with a fire alarm system that contains a manual call button, in addition to a combined siren and flashsignal for warning of fire alarm for individuals located inside the tunnel. It is possible to connect a fire alarm device to each RFID module. These are connected to a shared network so that all signal points are activated in case of a fire alarm.

Alarm status
When call points are activated in the tunnel, this will be visible in the Effera Insight application in that it changes to alarm mode. Here you will also find information about what call point has been triggered and have an updated overview of individuals located inside the tunnel, in addition to the option to print out an emergency report. It is also possible to manually activate fire alarms in the tunnel via the application.